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The Mitchell System was developed by first generation Ed Parker Black Belt, Grandmaster Jim Mitchell.  The Mitchell System of Kenpo is taught at Aaction Kenpo Karate Studios in association with the original WKKA (World Kenpo Karate Association).  Mitchell System Kenpo Karate has taken the foundation of American Kenpo and given it a modern look and feel while still holding on to the roots established by the founder of American Kenpo, Edmund K. Parker, Sr.


Mitchell System Kenpo Karate has been offering instruction and training in Kenpo since 1982.  Headquartered in Springfield, MO, Mitchell System Kenpo Karate clubs and schools have produced champions in life as well as in the martial arts.

Headed by Jim Mitchell (Black Belt 10th Degree) and a staff of expert instructors and managers, Mitchell System Kenpo Karate offers a number of programs for physical fitness and self-defense instruction in Kenpo Karate.

UPDATED - 01/02/2014

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